What We Do

We are answering God's call to lay hands on the sick and the oppressed and pray in faith for God's healing touch. Since August of 2013, we have endeavored to be obedient to the Lord in this calling and to pray and minister as he leads to the hurting and to the sick. To date, we have prayed for well over 100 individuals, including women, men and children!  Additionally, we are embarking on our 3rd year of hosting "God Said Gatherings" open to those who want to learn more about hearing God's voice and grow deeper roots in their relationship with Him.

Our Mission

The primary mission of Hands On Healing Ministries Inc. is to provide hands-on prayer support for individuals in need in our community. We pray for a variety of needs, including: physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Any voluntary donations made to our ministry will be used to help various individuals in our community who have pressing financial needs. These may consist of, but are not limited to: medical bills, food costs, transportation costs, housing costs and clothing needs. We are a ministry of prayer and healing.

Our secondary mission is to teach others how God still speaks today and how to live abundant lives in Him.  We are able to do this through our prayer sessions as well as through our God Said Gatherings which meet monthly over nine months in the year.