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  • Upon contacting Hands on Healing Ministries to schedule a prayer session, we will speak with you to arrange a meeting time and place. The place can either be your home or one of our prayer team member's homes. Generally, our team is comprised of our three originating members:  Judy, Lisa and Rachel.
  • When we meet with you for prayer, we will spend the majority of our time sharing with you our insights from the Lord upon listening to your individual circumstances. God's words for you, received either prior to our meeting or in the moment, may be in the form of single words or phrases, song lyrics, scripture references, and/or dreams and visions. We rely upon this spirit led discussion time to know how to pray for you physically, spiritually and/or emotionally.
  • We will partake of communion together with you.
  • We will anoint you with oil, physically lay our hands on you, and pray according to what God has revealed during our discussion time together.
  • Actual prayer time is generally around 15 minutes; however, please anticipate an overall session time of approximately 3 hours.