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  • If you do not have a personal spiritual discipline of daily prayer or "quiet time" with God, start now! Set your expectations high for hearing God's voice.
  • In your time with God, re-read his personal words for you and meditate on each of the things that were spoken about during our prayer session. Continue to ask God to reveal anything new that he would want you to know about anything on "his list".

  • Read over the "to do/to ponder" notes that you were sent home with from our prayer session. Set goals to start any new habits or spiritual disciplines mentioned there, read any scripture verses/passages noted, look up any additional resources recommended, etc. Continue to pray over anything for which you need clarification from God.

  • If you do not currently have a habit of regularly reading and studying God's word, start now! There is no "best" practice to studying the Bible but know that the key is that you open it "regularly" to increase you knowledge and understanding of God's nature and his plan and desires for you and his people. We suggest you read a book of the Bible at a time, but take your time to understand who wrote it and when it was written, and pay attention to any footnotes or cross references you see. These cross-references will show you additional verses on the same subject matter or will show you the origination of a verse. Also while you are reading God's word, expect him to speak to you personally through it. The links below provide a great explanation of God's word - its value and power - and how to speak God's word daily over your life:

  • If you do not have a current habit of journaling with respect to your spiritual journey, start now! Journal about your prayer session and about all that you hear God speaking to your spirit. Journal any dreams or visions which God gives you and keep your eyes wide open for things God wants you to notice and remember and write them down!

  • If recommended, take measures as soon as possible to "cleanse" and/or "bless" your home. See the links below, which will assist you in this.

  • Consider taking communion on your own, anytime and anywhere. See the link below for more information.

  • Consider joining our next God Said Gathering to meet other individuals who are seeking to hear more of God's voice in their lives and to grow in their relationship with God and other believers. To learn more, click the link below.

  • Please keep in touch with the ministry to ask any questions, share your God stories or if you need further encouragement or prayer.