God said gatherings

Photo by 4maksym/iStock / Getty Images

God said, "You gather the people and teach them how I speak, and I will speak!" So, ... on September 2, 2015, we hosted our first "God Said Gathering"! Prior to this date, we had been searching God's will for some time regarding how to best follow-up with those with whom we had prayed. It had become clear that some individuals needed further encouragement in their spiritual walk; some needed spiritual accountability; and others needed further guidance/teaching on certain biblical topics. Most everyone needed more clarity and teaching regarding how to hear God's voice as well as a safe place/person to share how God was speaking to them in new or different ways. Accordingly, God led us to begin monthly gatherings (once a month for two hours in the evening), open to anyone who is interested but especially to those for whom we had prayed, where all could share their new "God said" stories as well as to provide a platform for additional teaching on topics common to our prayer sessions.  

We are now in our 4th year of God Said Gatherings!  The following is a list of the topics and dates we are covering for this 2018/2019 year:

  • September 11: Believing to Hear God's Voice

  • October 9: Understanding the Gift of the Holy Spirit

  • November 13: Our True Identity

  • December 11: Believers' Power & Authority

  • January 8: My Daily Bread - Spirit to Spirit Communion with God

  • February 5: Walking the Rainbow from Grace to Priesthood

  • March 5: Dreams & Visions

  • April 9: Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Fire

  • May 14: "The Feast”

In addition, we have hosted Teen God Said Gatherings for high school age teens covering some of the above topics. We have been incredibly encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm of the teens to learn more about God on subjects which they had previously learned little about in their other bible teaching gatherings.