"As you know, I am working on my own personal issues and faith. At times I do really good and at times I do really bad. I get so upset when I fail. I thank you for filing in the gaps to my big question of HOW so that it is clear what God wants from me now."

"In June 2015, a friend referred me to H2O ministries as my mom was declining with advance stages of FTD/Dementia. H2O ministries graciously accepted an offer to come pray over my mom. I knew I was doing the right thing for her. Not only did they pray over her the first time, God led them to pray over her 3 times, the last being in her final days. Little did I know, God placed them in my life for ME. They have taught me how to develop a deep relationship with my Heavenly Father unlike anything I ever knew. They have taught me how to interpret dreams, look for His signs and how to pray. And, here I thought all along I was a strong Christian…I am forever grateful for the lessons they shared through their God Said Gatherings, for accepting me for who I was/am, and for being a special part of the spiritual growth that has taken place within me since they entered my life. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for their ministry and for being so passionate in sharing what they have learned to others."

Staci Shultz

"I've really been working on truly trusting God...some days are easier than others. I'm so thankful for you and all of the wonderful women in your ministry! I pray you all continue to bring people closer to their heavenly father."

Photo by BERKO85/iStock / Getty Images

"How do you thank three ladies who accepted an offer to pray over someone's mother without knowing either one of us.. and who would continue to request they come back to pray for her because God guided them too!"

"The ladies from Hands on Healing Ministries have impacted my life in incredible ways. Their prayers, wisdom and support have taken my relationship with God to a whole new level. They have a child-like wonder about their Heavenly Father that is inspiring and motivating. After every prayer time and God Said Gathering, I feel a fresh wind from the Holy Spirit. I am encouraged and more equipped to step into what God has for me. Words can't really express how I feel about them and this ministry."

Kimberly McLeod

"To everyone involved in Hands on Healing Ministry - I thank you so much for your generous gift of $1,000. I am still in shock and just feeling overwhelmed with gratitude."

"I had the privilege to take part in the God Said Gatherings and a personal prayer session with H2O Ministries. This ministry has impacted both my family and my personal relationship with Jesus. Their teaching is focused on how to hear from God. It's what every believer and follower of Jesus yearns to develop - two way conversation. The answer is not a mystery and it's not complicated; it's learning to stop our one-way conversation and begin to listen. They taught me to be still before the Lord and expect Him to answer. They share personal stories of God's words to them through dreams, visions, and notes they penned while listening.

Their in-home prayer session was a highlight of my year. They prepared before coming to my house and asked the Lord for specific words to share with me during the session. We spent hours talking and praying, asking God to lead us and teach us. He met us there and after many tears and prayers, empty places were filled, hurts were healed and hope restored.

Lisa, Judy, and Rachel have stepped out, in faith, believing that God will do for others what He did for them. Their passion is contagious and their love for sharing God's words ignites purpose. They pour into your life more than you can possibly absorb, but the resources are put in a notebook for ongoing learning {whew}. I echo daily one of Judy's prayers- asking Him "Give me everything you have to offer (God), don't hold back." God has so much to share with His people. I encourage you to jump in, and invest the time to sit under the teaching of these faithful women. You will be blessed."

Julie Graybill