Hi, my name is Rachel Buggs, and this is my story:

I was born and raised in Austell, Georgia in a strong, loving, Christian home. I experienced wonderful childhood years and graduated in the top of my class, yet I never felt particularly extraordinary. I have come to realize however, that my proudest personal achievement, which makes me extraordinary in God's eyes, came at around age 10 when I accepted an invitation to become a child of Almighty God, the creator of this world, through my belief in his one and only son, Jesus Christ. Although church had always been an important part of my life up to this point, I realized at this young age that I was missing something. My dear earthly father led me in a prayer to my heavenly Father to fill that void by committing my life to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of my days - the best decision of my life! While my early 20's life did not always reflect this decision well, the Lord rekindled my desire to pursue him with all my heart when I became a wife and mom.  

My own mom inspired me to ultimately become a stay at home mom, after pursing a short lived career in tax consulting as a CPA, in order to raise my three children (now teenagers in high school and college). My dad, a life-long bible teacher and writer, inspired me to pursue the Lord with all my heart and to treat God's written word like hidden treasure with exciting new discoveries to be made each time I opened it. The Lord grew me patiently through my children’s early years preparing me to later teach his word in women’s Bible study (Community Bible Study, CBS) for seven incredible years. During these years of teaching, and numerous years in women’s Bible study prior to this, he grew my knowledge and understanding of him and showed me how to apply his word to my life and to help others to do likewise. He also taught and trained me in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, quiet time, fasting and personal study which have been key to developing an intimate relationship with him.

While I absolutely loved my role as a teaching director in CBS, God began revealing to me the magnitude of deep emotional, physical and/or spiritual hurts that so many women were carrying with them on a daily basis.  And regardless of the additional knowledge of God and the word that many of these women were attaining through bible study, many were in need of healing and specific prayer in order to move forward in their lives and in their spiritual walks. Upon Judy, Lisa and I reading How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God in August of 2013, we were each convicted by the Lord and the Holy Spirit to take action and to begin to minister as he directed to those in need of prayer. He challenged the three of us to begin "hands-on" praying (hence, Hands on Healing Ministries!) whenever we encountered someone in need, either physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. We began with high expectations and he has never disappointed us! God has always showed up with the utmost care, love, encouragement and healing for those seeking him in humble faith.

In the spring of 2015, I stepped down from my teaching role in CBS, as God was using our ministry in increasingly abundant ways, and we knew that he had special plans for this calling on our lives. In our prayer sessions, we have seen incredible breakthroughs as we have been able to effectively speak the Lord’s truth (both scriptural and prophetic) into the lives of these whom the Lord desires to be mighty warriors in his kingdom. Furthermore, through our God Said Gatherings, the Lord has opened the door for additional opportunities for each of us to teach and share his truths, including the ability to more readily hear his voice.  Since committing myself fully to the Lord in this ministry, I have been thrilled to experience a deeper and more intimate walk as I have tuned in to the vastness of his voice and the creativity of his ways! I am delighted to share my faith and joy in the Lord with all whom we meet and to help others find a true and authentic intimacy with him as well!