Hi, my name is Lisa Ingram, and this is my story:

I am happy to say I am many things in this life but my number one is knowing I am a beloved daughter of my Heavenly Father. I am a wife to my husband Rob and a mother to my two teenage children, Austin & Abbey. I have always told my children to put their Heavenly Father first in their lives and everything else will follow and this is how I live my life today. Growing up, I was raised in church during my elementary years and it was during these younger years I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and a solid foundation was laid. I remember this day very vividly and knew at that very moment my life had been changed. It was during Sunday school one morning and I remember sitting and listening to my teacher speak about Jesus. He had offered to lead any of the children through the prayer for salvation. I had decided to stay after class knowing Jesus was pulling on my heart. I prayed that wonderful prayer with my Sunday school teacher that morning and was moved to tears. I ran out to the sanctuary so excited to tell my parents what had just happened. But after my sixth grade year we moved from Kansas, where all our family lived, to Georgia where we knew no one and we never found a new church home.

Many years later after marriage and two children, my husband and I started attending a local church. Our children at the time were 1 and 3 years old and were the driving force behind us finding a church home for our new family. My husband and I rededicated our lives to the Lord, and we were baptized together! Since this time, I have attended many different bible studies through the years and my relationship with God has grown greatly through these studies and through some amazing Christian ladies and friends. My experience with Christian life was pretty normal and routine. I knew there had to be more to Christianity, and I so longed for more but didn’t know what the “more” I was longing for even was. Though I loved the Lord with all my heart, my normal Christian life and relationship with God seemed boring and flat.

It was in 2013 when my perspective changed. Every summer a group of my close friends and I choose a scripture based book to read and would meet once a week to discuss it. It was in August of this year that we decided to read a book on the supernatural power of God. While reading this book I realized there was so much more that God had to offer but I didn’t know what this more looked like for me or were I would even begin.  So I began with a prayer and asked my Heavenly Father for “more”. This is the prayer that ended my “normal” life as a Christian to an extraordinary life as a Christian! In the past, when I would pray, I knew he heard me, but I wanted him to answer me. I would always say, “I wish God would just speak to me, I wish I could hear him. He just needs to slap me across the face!” One day I decided to pray, be still, and listen. I didn’t hear anything back that day, but my expectations of God had changed. Soon after that initial prayer, I heard him speak. God said...“Laura”! You see the book we read that summer also spoke on praying for people in the moment and expecting God to show up. So when I heard him speak this name I knew he wanted me to pray for a Laura. And sure enough, the very next day, he had me praying for a complete stranger in the middle of the local Kroger store, and her name was Laura!

This was the birth of my new intimate relationship with my heavenly Father, and I have never looked back. I have been hearing God’s magnificent majestic voice ever since, and my life has been completely transformed. For the past three years, I have been attending what I like to call “God’s School”. Through hearing his voice, I have learned how to live abundantly even through the trying times of life and how to receive Gods unconditional love daily. My new passion in life is to pass along the knowledge God has given me to others so they too can live spiritually free and abundantly! I know that God’s will for my life is now my will for my life. I am so grateful God has led us to found H2O Ministries because it allows me to be able to live out my purpose and calling and to share God’s love!