God's Word

Psalm 138:1-2

“I give thee thanks, O YHWH, with my whole heart; before the gods I sing thy praise; I bow down toward they holy temple and give thanks to thy name for thy steadfast love and thy faithfulness; for thou hast exalted thy word above all thy name.”

Sowing the Seed of the Word

The Word of God is seed. What do we do with seed? We plant it, and then we water it, and water it some more, and continue watering it, and after a time, we see a harvest. The same is true of God’s Word. How do we plant (sow) God’s Word? By confessing it. How do we water the seed of the Word we have planted? By continuing to confess it, releasing it with your mouth. Your heart is the soil into which the seed of the Word is planted. By planting and watering- confessing the Word in faith and with perseverance- we reap a harvest. Let’s look at some fundamental principles concerning how to apply the Word in our lives.

Know the Word

You can’t apply what you don’t know! Get to know God’s Word by reading it regularly. Make that a part of your daily routine. Spending time in God’s Word is spending time with the Lord. (Remember Jesus is called “the Word.”) There are such wonderful benefits associated with reading God’s Word, the best of which is that it will change and transform you. The words of the Bible are not just regular, everyday words printed on a page. Those words are alive, and they contain the life and power of God! His Word will work in you to change and transform you and make your way prosperous, with good success.  

Believe the Word

The Bible is the infallible Word of God. The Bible says God cannot lie. If the words of the Bible are the words of God (which we accept by faith), then there is no word in the Bible that is not true. Believing the Word is a matter of faith. You absolutely must believe what the Bible says. If you want to see God’s Word work in your life, then you cannot doubt. You must believe. If you struggle with unbelief, ask God to help you with that. Ask Him to help you trust and believe His Word, and He will help you.  

Confess the Word

Confessing the Word is simply speaking the Word. The power of the seed of the Word is released when we speak (confess) it. But it’s not a spouting of memorized verses or mindless repetition. It’s speaking the Word in faith and with understanding. It’s truly knowing and truly believing it in your heart. Isaiah 55:10-11 says: “For as the rain and snow come down from heaven, and return not thither but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” So it other words, speaking God’s Word is like watering seed from heaven. We speak the Word so that the Lord may then perform it- bring it to pass and produce a harvest.
Find a scripture pertaining to whatever you desire to see changed, and speak it. Let’s say you’re in need of healing. One verse that comes to mind is, “By his stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5). Rather than just spouting out over and over, “By His stripes, we are healed,” you would say something like, “Lord, I thank YOU that by YOUR stripes I am healed.” By doing it this way, you are making the Word personal, bringing the Lord into your confession, and joining the confession with thankfulness. In other words, you are turning the Word into a prayer.
When you first speak the Word, it is the planting of the seed. As you keep speaking, you are watering the seed. Keep speaking the Word throughout your day. Consistency is key! Speaking the Word consistently in faith will allow it to produce the desires results in your life. Speak it out and expect the Word to produce what it has promised.   

Watch Your Words

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” In other words, you get what you say! Our words have power. Make sure that your words are in line with the Word of God and that you don’t speak negative words or anything that contradicts God’s Word. You’ve got to believe God’s Word with all your heart and then refuse to speak anything that contradicts it. Remember, you will reap whatever you say.  

Ensure That You’re Walking in Obedience

Obedience to God’s Word and to His will is a critical key in seeing the Word produce a harvest in your life. Determine that you will be a doer of the Word, and seek Him regarding His will for every area of your life. Those who walk with the Lord and walk in His ways will know His blessings. Those who walk in disobedience will never know the full blessings of God. Check your life, your attitudes, your thoughts, your words, and determine to eliminate all that is contrary to His Word and His will. There is great reward in obedience.

Remember the Concept of Seedtime and Harvest

God’s Word works just like seed that is planted. You don’t plant a tomato seed and then see a full-grown tomato plant the very next day. It takes time. It takes watering. That’s true of every kind of plant and every kind of seed. The same is true when you are sowing the Word. Everyone loves to receive a miracle, but there is so much value in learning how to stand on God’s Word and continue standing until we receive the thing we are believing for. Once we understand the power of God’s Word and the authority we have as believers, then we can stand against anything that comes against us and be victorious over and over, all the days of our lives. That’s the value of knowing God’s Word!

Persevere and Expect Your Harvest

If you read and speak the Word diligently and speak it in faith, you can expect to see a change in your circumstances. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. Be determined to persevere until you see a change. Remind yourself that the Lord is faithful to His Word. He has magnified His Word even above His Name! You can trust God’s unquestionable faithfulness to His Word. Stand on the Word with great expectation.


In summary, know the Word, believe the Word, and confess the Word. Watch your words, ensure that you’re walking in obedience, remember that it takes time, and determine to persevere. The Lord is expecting us to become farmers- prosperous farmers. Begin to plant and water those seeds, and start believing for your harvest. As you do these things, you’ll see the power of God’s Word transform your circumstances and your whole life!