Blessing Your Home

Your home should not only be a place of safety, comfort, peace, and rest, where you and your family live, but your home should also be a place where the Spirit of God resides! It should be a place where the truth of the Bible is honored and where Jesus Christ is King! Therefore, it is very important to bless your home after you have cleansed it.

A blessing is simply defined as “a prayer asking for God’s favor and protection over a person or an object.”

Oil is used in the blessing of a home because in the Word of God, oil was used to sanctify and to purify things that were contaminated. Throughout Scripture oil was used to sanctify the tabernacle, altars, furniture, and utensils in order to make them pure and holy. Oil was even poured upon Aaron’s head to anoint him and sanctify him for his duty as High Priest, so that he could enter, fully cleansed, into the holy places.

As the body of Christ we are able to use anointed oil as a symbol of Christ’s blood, the only tangible thing God has put here on earth to be used for that purpose. So bless your home with oil for the purpose of cleansing your home with the blood of Jesus, as well as inviting the Holy Spirit into your home in order to make it a sanctuary of Christian living for you and your family.

Steps to Blessing Your Home:

1. After you have cleansed your home with the front and back doors open, close the doors.

2. Place a small amount of any oil that you have in your home into a bowl, and pray a blessing over the oil as the Holy Spirit leads you. An example of a prayer for the blessing of the oil is as follows:
“Heavenly Father, I pray that you anoint this oil in your Heavenly Name. I pray that you cleanse it of any defilement in it or upon it, and that you make it holy for the work of your Glory. May this be done in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ holy name I pray. Amen.”

3. While carrying the bowl with you while inside your home, place your finger into the oil and sanctify every exterior door and window. With your finger make a small cross three times on the top or side of each window or door frame. As you are making the sign of the cross say, “I sanctify this door (or window) in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

4. As you go from room to room, sanctifying every exterior door and window, allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you whatever specific blessings you want or need to speak over each room. For example, when you are blessing your front door you could pray, "Heavenly Father, please bless all the people who enter through this door. Whatever visitors bring into this home, of a negative spiritual nature, please allow for it to leave with them, so that it is not left in this home after they leave." While you are in the kitchen you might want to pray for a blessing of nourishment and restoration. In the family room you might want to pray for fellowship, communion and laughter to invade your home. In your bedroom you may want to pray for intimacy between you and your spouse. In the kid’s bedrooms you may want to pray for a peaceful night’s sleep, contentment, self-control, joy, and love. In the bathroom’s you may want to pray for spiritual and physical cleansing, etc.

5. When you have finished sanctifying and blessing every room in your home, thank Jesus for his blessing of your home, and know with certainty that IT IS DONE!

6. On a daily basis from this day forward, invite the Holy Spirit to invade your home with his daily Presence and to protect you and your family from the enemy. Ask you Heavenly Father to continue to shed light on any darkness that may enter into your home in the future. When he does, listen carefully and take action immediately.